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Paranormal, Preternatural and Supernatural.

This Genre Is Very Different From Fantasy. hat Is The Difference?

The Paranormal Is Beyond Nature Or The Natural.
Paranormal Goes Beyond The Five Senses.
It Is A Claimed Event Or Even Perception That Has No Normal Or Scientific Explanation.
Extrasensory Perception Can Be One Example Of Paranormal.
It Goes Against Science And Reality.

For Example:
Ghost Or Ghosts Are Paranormal.
Poltergeist Are Paranormal.
Witch and/or Wizard Is Paranormal Preternatural because it goes beyond scientific explanation but is from this world.


The Preternatural Pertains To Ghosts, Goblins Or Other Unearthly Beings.
It Is Beyond The Visible, Observable Or Touchable In The Universe.
It Is Extraordinary Or Supernatural.
Beyond Scientific Explanation, But From This World.

For Example:
Shapeshifter Or Shapeshifters Are Preternatural.
Vampire Or Vampires Are Preternatural.
Werewolf Or Werewolves Are Preternatural.
Witch and/or Wizard Is Considered Preternatural.
Witches and Wizards Goes Beyond Science, But Part Of This World.
Zombie Or Zombies Are Preternatural.


The Supernatural Goes Against All Natural, Physical Or Material Laws.
It Doesn’t Exist In The Natural World.
It is A Power Beyond Nature, God, Deity, Spirit, Devil Or Demigod.

For Example:
Demon Or Demons Are Supernatural.
The Frey: Creatures or Deities Within An Individual Race Which Can Be Found Under The Fantasy Genre As Well.
Alien Or Aliens Are Considered Supernatural, Quite Often They Appear Under The Science Fiction Genre Too.

*****Some Of The Above Easily Fit Into Multiple Genres.
******Romance Can Fall Into All The Above Categories.


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